This is the first paragraph of your home page. The most important thing to do here is to briefly introduce yourself to your potential customers.


Let them know why they should consider doing business with you, why they should consider looking deeper into your web site. Include your company's strengths, philosophy, and a bit of history if you can. How long have you been in business, what type of customers do you focus on. Keep it fairly brief, and then go into other benefits of using your company on other pages like the Equipment page, Parts & Service page, etc.

Finally, an important thing to remember.. THIS is where what you type has the most impact on search engines. They don't look at meta-tags anymore, they don't fall for tricks anymore, they look for CONTENT, and these first few paragraphs on the first page (and especially the Headline above this) are the most important as far as a search engine is concerned. Pay close attention to the type of content you put here, and try to sprinkle in some good doses of keywords that you wish to target. Just as an example: If you're trying to target 'lawnmowers' then don't talk about your 'equipment' or 'machines' use the keyword that you want to target and call them LAWNMOWERS.

Secondary Headline if needed....

This is a great spot for special announcements and promotions. It gets lots of attention because it's on the front page, and it helps add more keyword rich content to your home page for the search engines.

Remember, you can add an image anywhere you like by simply clicking your mouse where you want it to be, then clicking on the Add Image button,  from your edit view.

You can also change the properties of an existing image by clicking on that image in your edit view, and again clicking on the Add Image button. Setting an image to align right, or left, makes the text flow around it, and you can add a border to set the image apart as well.