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The benefits of the new CMR Inc Scag Dealer website program are numerous, and all geared towards the specific needs of your company.

IT IS EASY.  We set your site up in 2-4 days and you login via the secure page accessed on the Contact Us page.  This allows you to navigate the website from the front and simply open the page you want to edit.   

Totally Self-sufficient. Now, not only is it possible, but extremely easy to have your own professional website, that you edit yourself with no special software, no code to learn, no webmasters, no fees, and no IT staff to hire. Our Live Site Editor allows you to change your entire site, how you want and when you want, as easily as using a word processor or typing an email.  Change the message and content on your custom Scag Dealer website at any time.  Add Classifieds now as well.

Top Flight Support Included. You're never alone with your website, or any other aspect of your Internet Presence. This entire program is designed for people who know lawn mowers, people who know power equipment, people who know sales and customer service, not people who know web sites. Get help with any aspect of your web site, email, web hosting, domain name simply give us a call at 270-339-4176 and talk with Marion M Miller, President.

All in One Simplicity. One source, one support team, one program takes care of your entire Internet Presence. From registering your domain name, to making sure your site is online 24/7, and providing access to new graphics or added features for your website we do it all.

Affordable.  One time set up fee and then just the hosting each year.  If you choose our CMR Easy News Program, your monthly fee is $39 and you can add Classifieds with multiple photos and YouTube videos as easily as sending an email.
Social Media Friendly.  Now you can tie your Facebook and Twitter accounts to the website so when you have a special sale, program, or news it can all update at one time by putting the information on your Scag Dealer website.  *If you have our CMR Easy News Program, your new articles will be set up to feed automatically into your social media!
Full Marketing Support.  I can also help decrease your costs in commercial printing, banners, logo wear or in placing your advertising as your Marketing Firm of record.  With more than twenty years of experience in radio, print, internet, and digital media I can streamline costs and increase the time you have to run your business.  I can do an initial budget review at no cost to see where cost savings and market expansion are available based on your last year's expenditures and we can go from there if the plan of action makes and costs make sense to you. 

Constantly Evolving. This CMR Inc program has, and will continue to grow with your business and the market. Always eager for feedback and feature requests, we pride ourselves on answering your needs. If there's a feature you want, we want to know, and we'll listen.  Your 100% satisfaction is our goal.

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140 S Main St - Suite 102

PO Box 49

Madisonville, KY 42431

TALK OR TEXT: (270) 339-4176


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© CMR Inc is a Scag Outdoor Power Referred Partner Program providing cost effective and efficient Scag Delear websites with full technical support from a $149 starter package to our platinum full product-classifieds program.  We are here to help your business grow!